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Madden NFL 21: First Player Ratings Update

Electronic Arts has been working hard to redeem the ill loved Madden NFL 21 in the eyes of the public. Since the game launching, they have been releasing patches, hotfixes and various updates to correct the flaws of the game. This week the first player ratings update went live. We will review the changes that update brought to the game.

Last week’s PlayStation showcase reminded us that the next generation of gaming consoles is just around the corner. However, the current generation is not dead yet and big games are still expected to launch before the next-gen arrives. For companies like Electronic Arts this transition presents many challenges. As we all know Madden NFL 21 will also launch on PS5 and Xbox One Series X and S. The goal is to change the fans opinion about the game before the next-gen version launches.

As EA had announced during the development phase of the game, they will update the players’ ratings every week to match their real life performances. Some ratings went up while others decreased due to poor performances. Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers overall rating increased by one after his match against the Minnesota Vikings. Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders rating increased by two points while Chris Carson, the running back of the Seattle Seahawks ratings increased by one point.

Other players had poor performances during the week and their ratings dropped as a result. Saquon Barkley, the running back of the New York Giants lost 1 point as did Baker Mayfield the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback after their lackluster performances in their respective team’s matches against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. The biggest drop is attributed to Kerryon Johnson, the Detroit Lions’ running back. He lost a huge four points on his overall rating. These players are the one that EA highlighted on their website.

Let us finish this article on a happy note. Baltimore Ravens receiver Miles Boykin’ mother has discovered that her son has used her credit card to pay for his Xbox live membership for some years. She took the news pretty well and her son decided that she deserved a reward for being such an awesome mother. EA and Microsoft came together to offer her a copy of the game with her face on the cover among other gifts. You can buy Madden 21 coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.