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In which products is 24high specialized?

A headshop, a smartshop, mushroom shop, CBD shop, seed shop and even a vaporizer shop: is all in one! But how do you know which products you can purchase in which shop? Why all the different shops in one website? We’ll talk you through the specializations of 24high in beneath blog! 



If you visit the smartshop of, you will find yourself psychoactive substances, such as; hallucinating herbs; healing herbs; recovery & detox & tripstoppers; kanna and truffles from for example Hawaii. 24High smartshop believes that there is something for everyone, looking for a relax moment; or looking for more energy during daily life? Looking for a way to party until sunrise with all-natural goods? This smartshop can supply it! 



Within the headshop of 24high, you can find lots of useful necessities if using substances. Think about grinders, weighing scales and stash & storage boxes. The headshop supplies in drug use supporting tools; that is why a head- and smartshop are often combined in one (online) store. 


Mushroom shop

Mushrooms are mind-altering and hallucinogenic susbtances. Unfortunately, the sale of freshly harvested paddo’s is not allowed in the Netherlands, but the use of truffles is not a problem. Thereby, growing magic mushrooms at home is still allowed. Within the mushroom shop of 24high, there can be found mushroom-grow-kits but also fresh magic truffles! 


CBD shop

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. This is a substance that is derived from the flower tops and the seeds of a hemp plant. After it is derived, it is mixed with natural oils. CBD oil can be used for reducing anxiety and stress. Thereby, it turns out to be anti-inflammatory on the skin when using it as a lotion. 24high is a great supplier of CBD, they process it in oil but also in food! 



24high sells hemp seeds for own harvesting. They claim that you don’t have to be a professional to let a plant grow. Within the seedshop of 24high they guarantee a high quality of different kinds of seeds.


Vaporizer shop

Vaporizing can be seen as the healthy way to get high. With a vaporizer, the active substances (THC) will be burnt and vaporized, but the plant-materials (which is the unhealthy part of using THC) will stay in natural touch, so you won’t inhale the unhealthy plant-materials. Vaporizing also knows another advantage; you don’t need cigarettes to roll a joint. In the vaporizer shop of 24high, they sell all different kinds of products to make vaporizing easier!