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Buy, sell or lease your IPv4 addresses safely

Back in 2019, the RIPE NCC announced that there was a shortage of Internet Protocol version 4. That is the very protocol that helps all of our devices communicate with each other using the internet, so this is quite a worldwide problem. Because of this, IPv4 addresses have turned into a commodity. People, as well as organizations, are buying, selling, and even leasing IPv4s, and as the years go on the prices for a single IPv4 address have climbed staggeringly. If you are looking to participate in this transfer market for IPv4, keep reading.

The IPv4 market

It didn’t take long for the market for Internet Protocol version 4 to emerge. As soon as it was made official back in 2019, the market surfaced. And once the market surfaced, it was only a matter of time before specialized brokers also emerged, and they did. IP brokers are specialized in mediating between the parties who were participating in transactions of the IPv4 addresses. 

The staggering rise of the prices for IPv4 addresses may seem like a dream come true for those with many IPv4 they aren’t using, but the climbing prices have been getting too high for those trying to buy the address space in bulk. This is especially true for small businesses, this is why the opportunity to lease has been getting more popular.


The IPv4 transfer market when it comes to buying and selling is a lot more complicated than leasing. However, they’re all not an easy process. There are many rules and regulations you need to keep closely in mind, as well as transferring funds, registration of change in ownership, and more. If the rules aren’t closely followed you can get in some serious trouble, either legally or personally by getting into contact with someone trying to take advantage of you.

This is why contacting an IP broker to be your mediating person is a smart idea. They will help you get into contact with trusted people who will want to do business with you. They will take care of the more complicated parts of the process and keep you in the loop as well as educate you more about the whole affair. Of course, you’ll want to have a very reliable IP broker, one that you can trust. At you can find exactly that. Prefix Broker is an industry leader in making the transactions and transfers of IPv4 easier for people. 

Do it safely!

With the help of a Prefix Broker, you won’t have to worry about being safe, because with them it’s a guarantee. Prefix Broker was a big help in building the transfer policies from RIPE and they follow those rules entirely. Providing guidance and advice about any and everything to do with the transfer market of IPv4s, you can feel secure while either selling, buying, or leasing the addresses.