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Your favorite Dutch snacks, all around the world

Your favorite Dutch snacks, all around the world

If there is one thing the Dutch are good at, it is coming up with and making the most fantastic snacks. Whether you are a fan of sweet or savory snacks, the Dutch have come up with a perfect snack for every connoisseur. There are few countries where you can find as many delicious snacks as in the Netherlands. For the sweet tooth, we recommend you enjoy a nice warm stroopwafel, a ‘roze koek’, ‘mergpijp’ or ‘bokkenpootjes’ for example. Dutch pancakes are also really of a different level. Do you love the savory snacks from the Netherlands and want to find out how to get them abroad? Then quickly read this blog article. 

What is your favorite snack?

We were just talking about the sweet snacks from the Netherlands. A stroopwafel is two very thin waffles with a nice layer of sweet caramel syrup in between. When you warm them up in the microwave, they are pure delight. For savory snackers, you can’t believe your luck in the Dutch supermarkets or in the Dutch catering industry. The croquettes and ‘bitterballen’ are available in all kinds of varieties. The croquette is a deep-fried snack with a hot mixture inside. The outside is super crispy and the inside very creamy. The filling is often made of meat, but nowadays there are also many vegetarian variants such as mushroom croquettes or cheese croquettes. The ‘bitterbal’ is actually a small, round version of the croquette and is often ordered on a terrace while having a drink. 

Ordering Dutch snacks from abroad

Abroad, they are not familiar with the Dutch delicacies such as ‘bitterballen’. This makes it sometimes difficult for expats or Dutch food lovers to stay abroad for a long time. Fortunately, we have now found the perfect solution for everyone who loves Dutch snacks. You can order all your favorite snacks very easily at the Dutch Expat Shop. An online supermarket that ships Dutch products worldwide.  Wherever you are in this world you can get your favorite Dutch products for the lowest shipping price possible. It’s literally a dream come true!