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What’s better? Weed or alcohol

Similar to the Apple versus Android debate, people have been discussing what’s better (or worse), weed or alcohol. Apple-users claim that Android is trash compared to Apple but Android users say the same about Apple. When looking at the alcohol or weed discussion, people almost do the same thing. Weed consumers say that alcohol is trash but alcohol consumers say the same about weed. The one thing that these discussions have in common is that both sides can’t seem to agree with each other. One of the most common arguments is that weed is more addictive than alcohol but research has shown quite the opposite. Whether this is correct is hard to tell because the amount of research done on weed consumption is very little but one thing they have in common is that both come with side effects. Are you curious about these effects? Then keep on reading. 


What to watch out for

Looking back at what’s better or worse for you, both weed and alcohol can make your psychological complaints get worse when you’re consuming them. If you’re someone who’s already struggling with these complaints, you have to be extra cautious when using alcohol and weed. Besides that, both have a negative effect on your memory and they both aren’t good for your heart. It’s also possible for both to provoke aggressive behaviour but chances of this happening are way bigger when you consume alcohol. 


Some things you have to pay extra attention to when consuming weed is that you’re getting the right stuff. You can pick between weed or hash but the difference between both is not very big. They are made from the same plant but weed consists of the dried flower itself and hash is the compressed resin of this flower. Both can provide you with enjoyable and relaxed feelings but if you’re struggling with panic attacks or anxiety, weed and hash are able to trigger these complaints. 


Easily bought online

We already mentioned that it’s very important that when you do buy weed, you’re getting the right stuff. Buying weed can easily be done online at web shops like Zamnesia. One way of making sure you’re getting good weed is by checking the reviews and Zamnesia is a smartshop with over 25.000 positive reviews. Besides that, Zamnesia has a big assortment of other things you should take a look at if you’re interested!