What type of underfloor heating do I need?

If you’re asking yourself what type of underfloor heating system you need then you most probably know by now what the advantages are of a low temperature heating system over traditional radiators. Just to be sure we will describe them here first.

Low temperature heating versus traditional radiators

In most homes the heating is done with traditional radiators. The central heating boiler feeds the radiators with temperatures around 75 – 80 degrees to warm the property. Underfloor heating on the other hand, works on a low temperature of around 45 degrees meaning that the central heating boiler, heat pump or pellet boiler needs to produce much less hot water. This way the temperature on the thermostat can set 2 degrees lower than usual. And that is beneficial for the heating bills and the environment.

What type of underfloor heating do I need?

In the field of underfloor heating, there is a lot of choice. In situations where there is almost no mounting height or in situations where there is an existing (wooden) floor, you can opt for AmbiLowboard. This is a low profile underfloor heating system. Do you have enough space, for example on the ground floor in a new home the traditional underfloor heating or screeded floorsystems is advised. Usually the screeded systems are cheaper than a low profile underfloor heating system. In the field of traditional (wet) systems Incognito underfloor heating Glasgow has 5 different versions:

1. Underfloor Heating on wire steel mats

With this type of underfloor heating do bring an insulation layer on top of the frame first. Then you lay on top of galvanized wire steel mats (2103 x 1203 mm). Then the 16 mm heating tubes. Incognito Heat Co  underfloor heating Glasgow has a convenient system mount the tube quickly and easily. We call this system VarioClip. 2. Underfloor Heating on bubble plate

With this type of underfloor heating you put a studded plate on top of a frame. You can opt for isolated or non-isolated bubble plates. The heating tube is then pressed between the studs and then the floor is screeded. We call this system AmbiSoLo panel system. 3. Underfloor Heating on an insulated mat

This system uses a ready-made insulation. This mat roll your on the frame and then the heating tube to fitting. Here you will stay in a convenient ‘ tagger device “. This press your a clip to the heating, in the isolatierol. We call this system AmbiFloat. 

5. Commercial underfloor heating for industrial application

with this underfloor heating sytem a special 20 mm heating tube is used. We call this system AmbiStructural. 

Low temperature & special heating tube

Incognito works exclusively with the Ambiente underfloor heating pipe that has a special designed five layor heating tube with a 15% larger surface as similar tubes. As a result, you have a better heat dissipation. The system is suitable for low temperature heating with a heat pump, HE central heating boiler or pellet boiler. The inlay of the tube is extremely solid, but at the same time easy to bend. 

Thin underfloor heating as a solution in renovation or new construction

The 12mm Ambiente underfloor heating pipe is the solution if you think that an underfloor heating systttem is not an option. In homes with an existing sand-cement screed or wooden beams construction for instance. With this ultra thin underfloor heating, the existing floor is only 2 cm (20 mm) higher makes underfloor heating possible in many situations. Experience the knowlegde of Incognito Underfloor Heating Glasgow  

lncognito underfloor heating has been the supplier of underfloor heating systems in Glasgow since 2005. There are also numerous projects carried out in recent years in other areas in the UK like Edinburgh, the Lake District and many other more remote Scottish locations