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What to feed your baby? A monthly guide

What to feed your baby? A monthly guide

Being pregnant for the first time and caring for a child who is completely dependent on you as a parent is quite a challenge. A baby needs the right nutrition to grow well and to be satisfied and happy. It is therefore important that you know when your baby needs what kind of food. To support you, we have written a handy monthly nutrition guide in this blog article. This way you can see exactly when your child needs which food. 

0-3 months – The beginning 

In the first few months your baby is developing, it needs nothing but milk. You can give this to your baby by breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Some mothers prefer a combination of both. One bottle formula that we recommend you to buy HiPP Combiotik Baby Formula. Because your baby’s stomach is still very small (the size of a grape), it cannot absorb too much food at once. This is why you have to feed your baby so often. After the first three months, the stomach will have grown quite a bit and you will have to feed your child less often. 

4 months – Trying something new

When your child is about 4 months old, it is time to start feeding him additional foods. You will see for yourself whether your child is ready for this. It is not a good idea to force new food on your child. When you are sure your baby is ready for the next step, you can start experimenting with some vegetables and/or fruit, in addition to the milk they still receive regularly. This way your baby will get used to new textures and tastes. 

5-7 months – Slowly getting used to food 

Now that your baby is used to these new types of foods, you can take the next step. Your baby can carefully start tasting mashed pasta, rice, fish and meat. The menu continues to expand with the additions you make. In addition to these foods, your baby will still be fed milk. 

8-11 months – Replacing meals

From 8 months onwards you can start replacing the milk meals with actual meals. Your baby is growing very fast and therefore needs more extensive nutrition. From 9 to 10 months, you can even replace several meals a day. You’ll still be adding milk to your child’s menu, but he’ll be living more and more off traditional foods like yours. 

1 year old – Fully eating

Congratulations! Your newborn reached his or her first birthday and that means your baby can stop drinking follow-on milk. He or she is now ready to fully enjoy real food and can start eating with you as parents.