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What to do against a vaginal infection

What to do against a vaginal infection

A vaginal infection is annoying and most people want to treat it quickly.Vagistat anti fungal is in most cases the best remedy you can get. Vagistat is available in different lines and is usually advised by a doctor or druggist in case of a yeast infection. It is a strong medicine and you must therefore apply it as described in the description. Most people recover from a yeast infection within 3 days. Sometimes it can take a little longer, but that depends on the amount of mold. Usually it is advised to apply this product 3 times a day. You start with the lowest dose and if this doesn’t work then one of the other vagistat products is recommended. We always recommend that you consult a doctor or dermatologist before using this product. This way you know for sure that it is a fungal infection and not something else.

What can you do about athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot can have various causes, but in most cases it is Lamisil anti fungal cream prescribed. This medicine contains terbinafine which can kill molds and yeasts. You have to be careful when applying this ointment. It is important that you only do this on infected skin and not on healthy skin. It bites into the cell wall, as it were, and if you do this on healthy skin, it can burn. 

In addition to creams, this product is also available in tablets or sprays. Always read the package leaflet thoroughly so that you know what the possible side effects may be. In most cases, this medicine is also only prescribed by a doctor. They can also tell you exactly in which doses you can apply this. If you get pills, it is important that you take them on time and also only with water. You should also always finish the treatment, even if the fungus has already gone. This is because there may still be remnants present and they can otherwise grow again so that you can start again from the beginning.