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Vape beginner’s guide to e-liquid

Vape beginner’s guide to e-liquid

To vape is to use an e-cigarette and simulate the action and feeling of smoking without actually burning tobacco. Vaping is used as a method of nicotine replacement and it works for many people, and for many, it doesn’t. There is a great deal to know about vaping if you are a beginner, one of the aspects there is a lot to know about is the e-liquid. The information about e-liquid that beginners should know is what we’ll be focussing on in this blog post.


What is e-liquid?

E-liquid, also most commonly known as ‘vape juice’, is exactly what you’d think of when you hear its name. It is the fluid in the e-cigarette that gets heated up and turned into a vapor to inhale. Disposable e-cigarettes already come with the e-liquid in them but for the reusable ones, you will need to get the e-liquid separately.


Many flavors

In order to entice smokers to choose to vape instead, e-liquids come in so many flavors. From incredibly delicious to disgustingly intriguing, the spectrum of flavors covers all basses. Not only do the e-liquid flavors have a powerful flavor it also has a powerful smell. This is also meant to put vaping at the top because one of the top cons and pet peeves of smoking is the smell that nobody likes, not even most smokers themselves. With the strong smell of something delicious while vaping, why wouldn’t a smoker choose to vape instead? 

There are sweet flavors like fruit, candy, and desserts or bitter flavors like citrus or coffee. There are also many other kinds of flavors that belong in the miscellaneous group such as bacon or fish flavors. Of course, if a person is so used to the flavor of tobacco that it becomes a preference, there are tobacco-flavored e-liquids as well.


Is there nicotine in e-liquids?

Vaping is known as a nicotine alternative, so smokers trying to quit can vape to curb their cravings in a safer way. For disposable e-cigarettes, there is usually a pretty high quantity of nicotine in their e-liquid, this is because they are meant for smokers who are used to those quantities. The e-liquids for the reusable e-cigarettes are available in different amounts of nicotine, you can even get them without any nicotine.


Risks to your health

It’s not possible to talk about vaping without talking about all the health risks. Inhaling anything that isn’t fresh air will always be unhealthy. Vaping is safer than smoking, that is true, but it isn’t harmless. Other than nicotine, e-liquids use many different chemicals to perfect the flavors that are available. One of those chemicals, diacetyl, is one of those very harmful chemicals used in flavors that are meant to be rich or buttery, and it can cause what is known as popcorn-lung which is incurable. More long-term health risks are still being researched, though short-term ones are already known. These include shortness of breath, coughing, headaches, and more.