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The growing technology of traffic management

The growing technology of traffic management 

The Internet of Things has been taking over for quite some time now. Technology is intertwined with our very nature of living, it’s hard to tell if we could survive without it anymore. As time passes on, technology keeps making its way into everything. This now includes managing traffic. This is already known, traffic lights are technology, pedestrian signals are also technology, and all of these are under the traffic management umbrella term. But interestingly enough, it goes even deeper than that, and with every new technological advancement, it will go deeper. Learn the ways technology is making traffic management safer and more efficient.


Long ranged radio frequency identification (RFID)

The long range RFID system can be used for tracking and identifying objects. In most cases, it is used for the tracking and identifying of vehicles in restricted areas such as gated communities or parking spaces. The way it works is that an RFID tag is placed on the permitted vehicles, these tags contain the vehicles’ personal ID numbers. Then on the entrances and exits, an RFID reader is added, this reader can automatically pick up the signals from the tag, giving the ID of the vehicle and making it known if it’s one of the vehicles with access or not. If the vehicle does have access, then it will be allowed entree to the restricted area. This helps with making the traffic flow more efficient and reduces congestion.


Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

With this technology, the number plate information of passing vehicles can be scanned automatically and efficiently. Not only that but the date, time, and location are saved of when the scan is done. The ways this technology is used are quite necessary for the overall safety of the traffic. The data that this system collects can be used for many things, such as making sure parking violations are punished and rules and regulations are enforced. Law enforcement uses this technology a lot because of how useful it is for them.


Parking sensors 2.0

Regular parking sensors have been adapted to be able to detect all of the cars, trucks, bikes, or any vehicle, automatically in parking lots. The information the sensors collect is saved to be used to implement parking lot rules. If more parking lots installed these automatic parking sensors the information can also be used to help other drivers. A live feed of the parking lot, including the spaces that are free, can be shown to the drivers wanting to park their vehicles. This will lessen the amount of time people spend looking for parking spaces and therefore relieve traffic congestion.


Find out more about traffic management technology

The reason technology is being heavily used in traffic management is to make it not only easier for the people who work in this field but also more efficient. The evolution of technology has made it so that it is better at doing certain tasks than humans are, which is great because then we can focus on other things. There are much more examples of how traffic management and technology are growing together and on you can find plenty of information about this topic.