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The benefits of one supplier point

Great enterprises often have very large supplier bases. A large supplier base comes with a lot of different invoices and different payment terms, which can be very time consuming. Reducing the supplier base to just one supplier brings a lot of benefits. That’s why good invoice management is important for your company.

Save up to 21% with reducing you supplier base

Having a large supplier base can be very time and money spending. One-time suppliers are responsible for up to 80% of the supplier database with each their own invoices and payment terms and therefore are the most time-consuming and expensive suppliers. By reducing your supplier base to just one supplier will save you lot of time and money. You can reduce the internal costs and save up to 21%.

One supplier, one invoice

A benefit of reducing your one-time supplier base to just one supplier is the reduction of the different invoices with different payment terms from different suppliers to just one supplier with one total invoice. By outsourcing your invoice management, you don’t have the check and pay every single invoice. All those invoices will be checked and paid by the company where you outsource your invoice management. You will receive a monthly invoice with all the costs and just one payment term. This is timesaving and will reduce the workload of the procurement department.

Extra outsourcing possibilities: Procure-to-pay

Procure-to-pay services will help your company organise the entire ordering process more efficiently from order to the actual payment. With Procure-to-pay you will reduce the manual an paper work, as well as maverick buying. Trim down the supplier catalogue up to 80% and lower the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and get a grip on the procure-to-pay-process.

Outsource to Corlido Group

Corlido Group is an international purchasing organization with their roots in the Netherlands. Corlido Group has more than 25 years of experience and have grown into a group of more than 100 purchasing and supply chain professionals from 23 worldwide locations.