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Shop the Disney Showcase Collection at this comic shop

Are you a fan of comics? The owners of The Kid Collector shop sure are. They have dedicated their career to finding unique figurines for you to purchase. For instance, you will find many statuettes from the Disney Showcase Collection in their offer. Apart from this collection, there are plenty of pieces from other franchises for you to choose from. You can either purchase your figurines online or you can marvel at their collection in person by visiting their shop.

This shop is the dream of every collector of statuettes

If you take a look at their online offer, you will see many familiar heroes and villains from different well-known franchises. For example, there are Funko Pops from Harry Potter, action figures from Star Wars and sets from Lego. Are you looking for Disney-figurines in particular? Then you should definitely take a look at the Disney Showcase Collection on their website. This collection consists of many of your favorite characters from Disney features, like Alice in Wonderland, live-action Cinderella and many more. Within this collection, you can distinguish a few subcategories. The Haute Couture statuettes stand out because of the many stunning details that make your favorite characters come to life. The Couture de Force series mostly consists of human-like characters in couture versions of their original outfits. Lastly, the Live Action category features statuettes of the live-action versions of classics, like Aladdin and Mary Poppins. Pick your favorite characters and add these stunning figurines to your collection.

Buy these pieces online or visit their shop

Have you found the pieces that you wish to add to your collection? You can easily purchase them online and they will be shipped your way within one to four business days. If you would like to admire the Disney Showcase Collection and many more pieces in person, you can pay the Kid Collector Shop in Belgium a visit.