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IA Group's legal services

Legal services today are not just about helping you cut costs or manage risk. They need to provide a complete set of services and solutions in the digital age.
As an integrative law firm, CGIA Group has its roots in Common Legal Services (e.g. advisory, tax, etc.). However, we see our services as an asset-light digital platform designed to connect clients with multiple advisers using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that they can make informed decisions about their legal needs. Our advisers are best-in-class specialists from top universities working at our centres because of the impact they can have on people’s lives. IA Group can help you in multiple legal areas:


Every five or 10 years, a company faces a legal dispute. The fact is. Poor file retention or something similar makes a case more expensive than it is worth. However, you should try to avoid this kind of legal dispute as much as possible. Given the range of service providers and prices, it is challenging to determine which lawyer will be most effective in preventing them. You need a legal aid lawyer to help you make the right decisions. This will give you a better chance of getting your bills paid.

Finding the right talent for your business

Companies that regularly use the law need to find consultants and lawyers to add value to their business operations. Finding good legal talent can be challenging, especially in emerging markets. By using AI to analyse a range of data sources, we can improve the accuracy of search results by up to 90% and provide transparent insight into the data used to generate them. More accurate search results mean better hiring decisions for companies.

As the world becomes more digital and sophisticated, the demand for legal services will increase. Lawyer interactions will also change as people seek simpler, more efficient and cheaper solutions. To remain competitive, legal service providers will have to adapt their business. They will have to make their services more accessible, efficient and affordable. They will also have to invest in new technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to provide more efficient solutions to their clients. IA Group operates in multiple countries worldwide, for more information, visit its website.