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Any new business ideas

Any new business ideas


1. Solar collector.

Egbert Ottevanger. “I give a lot of chance to the improved solar collector: cheaper, better efficiency and more beautiful. But environment and energy remains a difficult market.”


2. Electric vehicles.

Frank van Oirschot, Netlinq, framfab, Twofold, among others: “I recently stepped into three different companies: among others, one that develops electric vehicles…”


3. “…and in Ex Machina,

which focuses on multiplayer parallel gaming. But it’s still a trade-off, because you can’t do everything…”


4. “…Because I would like to

also want to start a fast food chain for organic snacks.”


5. No idea.

Fred Pols, The Vision Web: “In these harsh times, I don’t have many of those kinds of whims.”


6. Hole in the afternoon.

Dick Groot, Maxfoodmarket: “The gap in the market, that’s where I’m at! But I see a lot of opportunities down the line. Logistically, the afternoon remains unused, because then you can’t deliver to many individuals. With companies, however, you can.”


7. Sales processes in the media.

“Most publishers are way off when it comes to the quality of their sales processes. So there are opportunities there. Publishers need to take their sales process seriously,” said Marcel Creemers, professor of Information Sciences at the VU and Nyenrode University.


8. Search by meaning.

Marcel Creemers: “The current web is based on syntax (how you write something), the new generation of web applications is based on semantics (what something means). Publishers need to invest in this, because being able to search by meaning is going to change their world.”


9. More printers.

Marcel Creemers: “Publishers need to stop printing and invest in printers. Take Schiphol Airport, people have time there. Now you stand there all together in one of those small bookstores with a supply of nothing. Put a good printer there and the books fly out of the store. As a shopkeeper, you can sell anything you want because the database is pretty much infinite. All languages are available and you have nothing in stock.”


10. Precise information.

Marcel Creemers: “For publishers, there are opportunities in providing precise information in terms of time and place. Suppose I’m involved in a legal case as a lawyer, I want to know specific things and not browse through generally set up databases or loose-leaf reference books. I want an answer to a question. Those questions and answers can be addressed through mobile devices.”


11. Chain integration.

We hear it more and more around us, John Chambers said it in #10, and Christine Karman, CEO Izecom, confirms it: “Link your database to other databases over the Internet.”


12. Business Process Outsourcing.

Entire business processes can be brought outside the door just fine, at least as far as they are not a core area. What processes qualify for this? Human resources, for example. The personnel department, plus everything else that has been added in recent years. Benefits are cost savings and better service. The service provided by specialists (think of career planning) can be much greater, and the exact content is laid down in a contract. Loek van den Boog, of General Atlantic Partners believes in this. That is why he has also invested in a company like Exult.


13. Security.

“Creating secure channels is a top priority. So that’s where there’s money to be made. ” Christine Karman, CEO Izecom, founder Tryllian.


14. Results Commitment.

Another tip from Ronnie Overgoor, CEO Explainer DC: “Be concrete and dare to commit to a return-on-investment on the customer’s ICT investment.”


15. Five tips

from ‘serial starter’ Christine Karman for startups. 1 Make sure you have money coming in from day one. 2 Focus on your core business and core competence. 3 Make sure you have the best people around you. In this day and age, the latter should not be a problem. 4 Never let costs grow faster than your sales. 5 Don’t get caught up in hype too early or too late.


16. Don’t listen to gurus.

“They’re wrong. The big successes in the IT world were not predicted: SMS, Instant Messaging, file sharing, webloggers. Remember, the Internet is a network between people. Many successful initiatives turn out to be user-to-user driven.” Michiel Frackers, ex-Planet Internet and ex-BitMagic


17. E-commerce rebound.

“With the increased confidence in e-commerce, there are opportunities for companies that have invested in building a customer database in recent years. This is the time to further activate this database. Consumers are increasingly used to ordering online.” Edwin Basten, Director Netdirect


18. Paid Content.

Who says no one wants to pay for online content? “There is still growth possible within paid content services. First and foremost, of course, erotica. But there are more possibilities. Paid gaming, for example. 



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