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A new era of marketing has arrived. Multi-touch attribution can measure the success of your campaig

Odyssey is a powerful traffic analytics software. It gathers all of your data from various sources and allows you to smoothly compare metrics such as volume, incrementality, and revenue. For example, you can compare the cost of ads on Facebook to that on Google and then decide which is more efficient. The Odyssey data management platform analyzes your traffic sources and compares them against key metrics. For instance, it can compare how revenue is generated by each source and how each source affects the website’s bounce rate. Utilizing this kind of comparison and analysis can help you identify and improve on different traffic sources. Is Odyssey the attribution company you need to improve marketing results?


You have a traffic bottleneck. How do you go about fixing it? Odyssey is a tool that analyzes your marketing on a granular level and offers insights on where to spend your money more productively. Compare these suggested amounts to your current ad spends to identify any opportunities or bottlenecks. Odyssey is enterprise-level software that will give you access to the granular analytics of your website’s traffic. It will tell you which sources are performing well, and which need improvement. Using this information, you can map out the future of online marketing. For example, if you need more conversions on a particular page, Odyssey can help. The Odyssey platform is what data gurus need to analyze, compare and improve the performance of traffic sources. With an instant comparison of volume, revenue, and ad spend, you can work to create a better experience for your customers. One of Odyssey’s key features is incrementality meaning that at once you can see which channel offers the most incremental value.


Do you want to know how much time and money you’re spending on online ads? It’s easy to connect your ad platforms with Odyssey. When you do, you’ll see the current ad spend for all of your various platforms in your dashboard, as well as how much Odyssey would like you to spend on ads. Use this data to compare your current spend with what Odyssey suggests, and then re-allocate your budget to get the most out of your online marketing.