RM Boulanger UK for your VAT Registration in Germany

VAT Registration Germany required?When you only export tomatoes to Germany as a business, a VAT Registration Germany makes sense. Germany is economic the best performing country in the European Union, the Germans are quit wealthy and they like to leave healthy. And what is healthier as eating salad and what is a salad without tomatoes? Nothing, a taste less bunch of vegetables. And what is easy to grow, with little risk and good volumes? Tomatoes, so the business plan was done. Germans are wealthy, like salads with tomatoes and are trustful. In the beginning I wanted to export my tomatoes all over the world, which I later reduced to Europe only, due to high transportation costs. While writing my business plan, every country (with money, so forget countries like Albania, Rumania, Bulgaria, etc.) passed my mind. I started with the UK, big country, lots of people, but do the like salad? I think all the like is fish and chips and they don´t like a healthy way of living, the drink a lot after work and eat their fish and chips. For breakfast bacon, eggs and white beans with tomato ketchup, but not with tomatoes. So I decided to skip the UK and started to think about the Scandinavian countries. Did you ever heard anything about smörebrot with tomatoes, or stockfish with tomatoes? Aquavit even doesn´t taste with tomatoes and you should get high off it. Knackebröt can´t stand tomatoes, it makes them weak and not eatable anymore. Maybe I should forget about Scandinavia too. What about France? The French love their baguettes, with camembert or brie, which you never should combine with tomatoes (I know a guy in Cornwall re-selling French cheese and he thinks it´s even forbidden by the French food law). I can´t think a croissant with tomatoes, they are to week for it and get soaked. Nothing against the croissants, the French invented two good things, croissants and the guillotine! And a beautiful Bordeaux Grand Cru with tomatoes sounds stupid, nit sure if it will taste, but the arrogant French will ignore it. Going south to Spain, forget it, when you ever had a Spanish tomato, you never want any other tomato. They are the best in the world and have fair prices. I know that Lidl and Aldi are present in Spain since some years and that they like the cheap price of Dutch tomatoes, but the Spanish will ignore buying them. In Portugal I thought to have a good chance, till I found out how bad the economic situation there is and it doesn´t look like to change soon. Beside this the Portuguese and the English like each other, so maybe the Portuguese are also as weird as the English are. So no Portugal, no worries, Europe is big enough. Italy will be my country, the Italians love tomatoes. They use it for their pasta´s, they top their pizza´s with it. Each salad in Italy is made with a lot of tomatoes and even on their Panini’s the use tomatoes. The first country was there. At once I woke up from my Italian dream, the mafia! I see trucks fully loaded with my tomatoes disappear somewhere between the Italian border and the delivery point in Italy. Tomatoes gone, truck gone, truck driver gone, insurance want pay the second time and no truck driver wants to work for me while they don´t like to disappear forever. I scratched my Italian success story and went to the next country. Switzerland, what do the Swiss like besides money? Muesli, Rösti and Nuttela, typical food which you can´t eat with tomatoes. It would be also to expensive, the costs in Switzerland are so extremely high, that I can´t afford the diesel for my trucks when driving there, so no Switzerland for my tomato export success story. Left over were Austria and Germany, all other countries which have been communistic or were behind the iron curtain are a no-go, they are or to poor or to corrupt and all will end-up like I thought it will end up in Italy. So I should make my revenue in Austria and Germany, but what is there with the Austrians, they put a peace of lemon at their Wiener schnitzel, the love Sacher Torte, the have the best kitchen when it´s about deserts. But I have never seen deserts with tomatoes (maybe in tomato country Italy, but that´s a different piece of cake). And at the end I landed in Germany. Why not Germany. There are about 80 million Germans, they are trustful, the economy is about always the strongest in the world, the people are wealthy and they are health freaks. Every day you see more Germans driving bikes and as the only ones in the world with a helmet on (no health risk), there is no country in the world with so many pharmacies and you see nowhere in the world more joggers (maybe in New York, but not may market). It´s all about health. It doesn´t matter what they eat, but a salad with tomatoes is part of the meal. At once my ambitious business plan ended up with one country, Germany. When I started to calculate the amount of tomatoes they eat daily, I was already very happy when I could deliver only 1% of this amount. And there were other advantages, even though we want admit it, culturally there is no big divergence with us. The language is maybe complicated grammatically, but quit easy to understand. They are known as precise and will pay in time. And it´s not far away. Some month later I acquired enough retailors to reach my 1% market share in tomatoes and my business was running smooth. Some years ago a little dip, for weird reasons the German television told the Germans that our tomatoes only exist off water and my export dropped. I changed my way of thinking and I was advised to get a German VAT Registration. It had the advantage that my whole billing and VAT handling was easier, but due to the German VAT Registration, the Germans thought that the tomatoes came from Germany.

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