Liebherr wine fridge at Cavepromotor.US

Since more than one year we have a Liebherr wine fridge, we love it. It´s great to drink your wines exactly on the temperature as it needs to be, without all kinds of tricks to achieve this. So no white wine or rose wine in the deep freezer before serving, hoping you don´t forget it and the mess in the freezer is about as big as the loss of a nice bottle of wine. The same with champagne or prosecco, only the mess in the freezer will be bigger. What about red wine, what is the exact temperature in your room? When do you know that the wine is 180C? We don´t have to think about this anymore, we have a Liebherr wine fridge. After have the Liebherr wine fridge for more than one year we can explain easy what the advantages are, but there are also disadvantages. Of course as mentioned before, serving the win at the right temperature is a big advantage of a wine fridge. For people without a wine cellar, it´s a great solution to store wines at the right temperature and with the multiple temperature zones as we have you can store also wines at the right temperatures to serve. Another advantage of a Liebherr wine fridge is the improvement of your house. Your interior is getting “richer” with one of these beautiful Liebherr wine fridges. Each model is a beauty on its own. But, starting as an advantage here we discovered something new. More and more family, friends and people we just knew, started visiting us. In the beginning we really saw this as an advantage of the Liebherr wine fridge. Everybody wanted to see our beauty. It was great to have more visitors as before, we leave a bit far away from the city… For Cavepromotor, the excellent supplier where we ordered the Liebherr wine fridge, it was for sure an advantage. Many of our visitors decided to do the same as we did, they ordered one. What we didn´t recognize in the beginning, was that all our visitors, no difference between friends or family, also drunk our wines. No problem they all had the write temperature and we only had quality wines. But the more popular the visits to our Liebherr wine fridge and us, the more times I had to go down into the wine cellar to complement the wine fridge with new bottles of wine. After a certain period we found out that even our huge wine cellar needed new bottles of wine. We ordered a nice amount of wine with Winepromotor, again an advantage for a supplier, and our wine cellar was filled up again. After some months we didn´t see these visits as an advantage anymore, it was still nice that so many friends and relatives visited us, but the walk to the wine cellar and ordering again new wines with Winepromotor was changing into a disadvantage, especially for our bank account, of course for the bank accounts of Wineprompotor and Cavepromoter it was an advantage. In the Netherlands the, passed, football player Johan Cruijf, created the right saying: “Every disadvantage has its advantage”. Here was the proof that he was right. After some months the high amount off visits to the Liebher wine fridge and us was fading away and all started to be normal again. Cavepromotor sold in this period a real nice amount of Liebherr wine fridges. Our life was getting normal again and now we could enjoy the red and white wines, which were stored at the right temperature to be served, from our Liebherr wine fridge. 

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