How to Report a Bug in NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 players can report a bug using the Help section on the website that allows them to choose their platform, log in, and describe the issue.

NBA Live 18 is always getting updates and fixes to improve the play experience. Like it’s the case with all games, there are bugs who slip unnoticed on the day of the release and bugs who occur due to updates or other situations. The first step towards repairing a bug is identifying it.

Many might not be aware of this, but the team behind the game learns about bugs or other issues from players’ feedback. So, if you encounter what you think it might be a bug, don’t just ignore it. Take a few minutes to check out the NBA Live 18 Help section on the website to see if that’s a known issue. If you strongly believe you’ve found a bug, then report it so the team can investigate and take further actions.

Players can report a bug from the EA Help website. At the bottom of the Home page, they will see a button saying Contact Us. Pressing the button will reveal the Contact page from where players can change the game if they’ve selected another EA title by accident. The available platforms are listed as well. For NBA Live 18, players will see the game’s icon next to the Change Game option and the PS4 and Xbox One logos underneath. The next step is to select the platform on which you’re playing.

Once the platform has been chosen, Select topic option will activate. Players need to choose the one that says Report a bug. Two more options will become available: Give feedback and Report bug. Evidently, the second one should be chosen. At this point, players will be asked to log in using their EA, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live accounts. They can also sign in with Facebook. After they have signed in, they will be taken to the form that allows them to report the bug. The recommendation is to use appropriate language and to give an accurate description of the issue and as many details as possible. For nba live playing, the nba live 18 coins are very important for you enjoy games, which can help you to buy the better players, to win more games and have more fun.


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