How to Play NBA 2K18 MyTeam in Offline Mode

NBA 2K18 gives MyTeam players the chance to take part in some offline modes such as solo challenges and All-Time Domination.

MyTeam is the NBA 2K18 mode that became a permanent game addition since it was first introduced in 2012. Players fell in love with this mode’s apparent simplicity from the first NBA 2K installment that contained it, NBA 2K13. As the years passed, MyTeam changed and evolved and became a way to play the game not just a side activity. Now it’s bigger than ever, it has specific features and offers players much more than the initial card collecting gameplay. Although cards and collections are still the core design element, new mechanics have made the mode more complex but also more fun to play.

Past NBA 2K editions implemented MyTeam as an online mode. Players collected cards and used them to compete against others. There was little use for the teams outside multiplayer. The community saw the potential of MyTeam and requested offline content where players could test their teams in all kinds of challenges that didn’t require them to interact with others. This is how modes like Schedule Challenges and All-Time Domination got into the game.

NBA 2K18 players that are looking for offline modes should look no further than Schedule Challenges. There are 30 of these challenges, one challenge for each NBA team. Each team challenge has 30 matches to complete so that is a lot of content. The 900 games are based on real happenings from the NBA season so players can expect to take part in some of the most memorable basketball moments. Rewards that include points and lots of other items are available to collect.

All-Time Domination is an offline mode that gives players the chance to take part in more solo challenges. This mode is representative for MyTeam as it offers teams with diverse compositions. There are 33 lineups that were especially designed to include some of the best NBA players. Names like Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, or Wilt Chamberlain need no introduction. This MyTeam mode is a great chance to play with a team that has a superstar lineup. For NBA 2K18 playing, besides the guide, you also need some nba 2k18 mt, which can help you to have more stronger team and to win more games.

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