200 bottles behind a closed door wtr 4211

The Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek uses the Koudevaltechniek. As a result, this wine Cabinet the ability to six different temperature levels in one wine Cabinet. But you have to watch out during the wintermonths that the ambient temperature not below 10 ° c. The wine Cabinet is not more optimal, whereby the air humidity in the wine Cabinet goes down. You think perhaps now and then … When the humidity is too low, the corks in your bottles of wine go shrink leaving air (bacteria) can get the bottles in. Your wines will no longer go bring that for which you bought them. Do not assume thatthis can happen to you not because recently we have a WTr 4211 sold to a couple that has a new house built near Gouda. Only had the contractor only a one stone wall instead of a double wall withinsulation. Nice to the profit of the contractor, but all in the garage is in the autumn moist and at the cold nights, the wine Cabinet. Of course wanted to disconnect the wine Cabinet like to give back.
The Liebherr WTr 4211 has a black metal case. The door is made bordeauxkleuri insulation material. 

In the cabinets are acacia wooden presentation plateaus. The top is slightly shorter, because at the topin the closet is a kind of fan. In total, it is possible to store in the WTr 4211 200 bottles (size Bordeauxformat). The classification which wines you should post which can be found on the website of Cavepromoter. The champagne is placed at the bottom of the wine Cabinet at a temperature of 5 ° c. Upgoes the temperature up all the way at the top to reach a temperature of 18 ° c. In the Middle you can save the red wine and just below it the white and rosé wines. In France it is usually sold as servewine Cabinet Cabinet in restaurants.

When you have purchased a good wine Cabinet, then this also has an active carbon filter. The filterensures that incoming air in the wine Cabinet is stripped of unpleasant smells. The air that enters thecloset is clean. What is the effect if you filter annual replaces in time? Then touches the filter saturated and the ‘ dirty ‘ air penetrate inside your wine Cabinet. The effect is that the bottles with a cork seal (natural product) the air inside. This can give your wine a flavor that does not meet your expectations.How can you know when you need to replace the filter? That is not to determine, but the factoryguidelines are that this should be done annually. However, if you had purchased the wine Cabinet …To overcome this Cave has the Filter Alert Service started and promoter informs customers when it’s time to replace the filter. This is done in all countries where Cave promoter is active. This is inNetherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Replacing is not difficult,only it should be done. After the payment of the filters you will automatically receive the appropriate filters. In the case of the WTr 4211 is only one filter. The filter is in the lower left of the wine Cabinet.Through the filter in the closet a quarter turn to the left, you can then draw out the filter. The new filter push in and turn a quarter turn to the right. The old filter you can get rid of the dirt.

A Liebherr WTr 4211 purely functional
Installing a wine Cabinet you can. You must keep in mind that you wine Cabinet sets on the Vibration Reduction Blocks. When you implement the wines in the Cabinet, drops the whole thing a little bitdown. This creates the  shock absorbing ‘ effect. Your wine Cabinet is in an environment where people directly and indirectly cause vibrations. The vibrations have a negative effect on the maturation of your wines. The molecules are continuous in vibration whereby the wines  uncontrolled elderly, making the wine not the expectation level or too early. This creates the effect you expectafter a number of years the wine mature. However, the wine as it were  beaten . The Vibration Reduction Blocks help to overcome this.

A Liebherr wine Cabinet has a standard door that is hinged on the right. It can be practical to this to run. If you insert the wine Cabinet against a wall on the left side, then it is desirable to have the doorto rotate. You can easily do this with the WTr 4211. Liebherr delivers a special piece of tools, this means you are able to the ashes there to run out. This place on the left side of the wine Cabinet and it’s fixed.